Tagua Rainbow Sunhat Man
Tagua Rainbow Sunhat Man

Tagua Rainbow Sunhat Man

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A Little Rainbow Sunhat Man to Bring some Smiles 

This cool little fella will look after your keys no problem! When I saw this I knew it was not something I would normally buy in BUT I think this brightly coloured keyring would make people smile each time they saw it and thats what Beautiful Disaster is all about!  Accessories, clothes and resources to bring some sunshine into our darker days! 

Made from multi-coloured tagua pieces. 8-10cm.

What is Tagua?  From the heart of the Amazon grows a special tree called the Tagua, or ivory palm.  It produces an extraordinary fruit, the Tagua nut, which has been used for buttons, jewellery and carved objects for centuries.

The purchase of the tagua nut supports the employment of nearly 35000 indigenous people.  The income received from the tagua crops is a strong incentive for them maintain the trees.  The nut is harvested and left to dry for a period of 3 years.  Once cut into manageable pieces it is shaped and polished and coloured with natural dyes.


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