Moon and Constellation Puzzle Set
Moon and Constellation Puzzle Set

Moon and Constellation Puzzle Set

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Set of Two Larsen Jigsaw Puzzles - The Moon and Constellations 

This set comes with two puzzles.

MOON: Puzzle with picture of the moon. You will find the names of the mountains, valleys and areas. We have also marked a few places where spacecrafts have landed. On the bottom you will find the phases of the moon among alot of other useful information.

CONSTELLATION: This 70 piece puzzle is a great introduction for learning the consellations in the sky.

Inside the circle is the starry sky seen from the northern hemisphere. You can only see the stars furthest out in the circle at certain times of the year, and therefore the sky is divided in 12 parts with the names of the 12 months of the year. At both sides you will find all the most well known constellations.

Pieces: 70
Dimensions: 36.5cm x 28.5 cm

Recommended Age 6+ This is a recommendation only, it would depend on each child and their abilities.  Not suitable for children three and under due to small pieces.

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